Mobile Golf Scorer™ comes in 3 Versions (PAR, Birdie Eagle) being priced between €29 and €89. Additionally, you can download a 14-day trial-edition free of charge. All Licenses include both the Versions for Pocket PC and PC.

Want a Jumpstart? Use the Tutorial which helps you with little click by click videos to get started using the Mobile Golf Scorer™!

In our Courses Database you can download more than 10000 Courses free of charge - take a look if your Course is listed, too.

The latest additions to our Courses Database are: Golf-Club Herzogenaurach e.V. ( Bayern, Germany) | Golf Burgkonradsheim GmbH & Co. KG ( NRW, Germany) | Arabian Ranches Golf Club ( Dubai, UAE) | Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club ( Dubai, UAE) | Al Badia Golf Course ( Dubai, UAE)
The Mobile Golf Scorer™ is your Solution to record your Scores during Play and to Analyze your Game statistically. On the Course you use the Mobile Golf Scorer™ on your Pocket PC and at home you can use the Desktop Version - or, you can use any of the two Platforms independently from each other.

Take a look at the Features of  the Mobile Golf Scorer™ - you will understand why the Mobile Golf Scorer™ will soon become your inevitable tool on the Golf Course!
Thanks to the Analysis and Statistics you will easily understand your Strengths and Weaknesses and lower your Handicap.
What an awesome piece of software this is!
from Knodishall, United Kingdom
Easy as 1-2-3: the Mobile Golf Scorer™ features three different Modes, offering the exactly matching sets of Functions for everyone from the Beginner to the Expert.

Highlights of the Mobile Golf Scorer™ include the possibility to store an Image for each Hole allowing you to add Notes, to measure the Distance to the Hole and to record your Strokes visually - an electronic Yardage book which lowers your Scores and brings lots of Fun.

You can connect the Mobile Golf Scorer™ with a GPS device - measure the Lengths of your Strokes, see the Distances to the Green or other Points of Interest live while moving and see the right Club to use for the Shot using the GPS Satellites - and all of that being legal since January 1st, 2006.

The Mobile Golf Scorer™ is the only application capable of generating a complete Round Report or Player Report in a PDF file, including Score Card, Statistics, Analysis and Lines on the Hole's Images allowing you to analyze your Game Shot by Shot - Graphics that you know only from the Tour brought to your Pocket PC! 
Latest News:

Version 1.40 is now available in Download: Selectable Columns in the PC Version | Yardage Book Images  in Simple Mode and Play-Course Mode |  Round Statistics for Side Bets | New Four Ball Game | and many other new things

Using the new Google Earth Calibration and Hole Image Tools, have your Course with GPS and Images in the Mobile Golf Scorer™ in less than 30 Minutes!

Everything too complex? Try the new Simple Mode!

Mobile Golf Scorer™ now works with Windows Vista and Windows Mobile 6.0

New Functions for USGA Handicaps

Online Performance Comparison - see how your Game compares to other Players

Analysis of Strengths and Weaknesses: due to which Part of you Game you loose or gain how many Shots

Press the Button and hear how far it is to the Green: now possible with One-Touch GPS.

There is a new FAQs section to answer your questions.
And, the best is yet to come: You can earn money with the Mobile Golf Scorer™! After entering your Course using the Trial-Edition you can Email us the Course so that we can offer it here for download. If we don't have your Course yet, we will give you a discount when purchasing the Mobile Golf Scorer™: €2 for sending us only the numerical data of the Course (Slope, CR, Tees, Lengths, Pars, Handicaps) and €5 for supplying also the Images for the Holes. This offer can be voided at any time and is limited to 5 Courses/Person (Terms & Conditions apply).