Here you find the Frequently asked Questions around the Mobile Golf Scorer™. These are divided up in the following Categories:

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PC: Error Message "The Function ... Network Resource ... not available"

The reason for this is that Windows Installer can not find the information to uninstall the old Version.
To remedy, you need to download the "Windows Installer CleanUp Utility" from Microsoft here. After downloading and installing the Utility, start it.
Then, locate the Mobile Golf Scorer™ in the list of installed Programs, select it and click on the Remove Button. After that, restart the Setup which will then run without problems.
Pocket PC: Setup hangs at "Information for Program removal is written"
This is due to a faulty Installer of Windows Mobile. The solution is, to Soft-Reset the Pocket PC, connect the Pocket PC again with the PC and then wait until Active Sync has finished synchronization.
After that, start the Setup for the Pocket PC again by selecting Start - Programs - Mobile Golf Scorer™ - Install Mobile Golf Scorer™ on Pocket PC on the PC. The Setup will then run without Problems.
PC/Pocket PC: Different Versions on PC and Pocket PC
In order to synchronize Data, it is mandatory that the Versions installed on Pocket PC and PC are identical. In case there is a problem during Setup and the Pocket PC can not be updated, you will see an Error Message "The Version installed on the Pocket PC does not match the Version" when starting the PC Version. As a consequence, you will not be able to synchronize Data.
To remedy this, you can start the Setup only for the Pocket PC by selecting Start - Programs - Mobile Golf Scorer™ - Install Mobile Golf Scorer™ on Pocket PC on the PC. It is recommended that you Soft-Reset your Pocket PC before. After the Setup, you must start the Mobile Golf Scorer™ once on the Pocket PC, then the Versions will match and you will be able to synchronize Data.
PC/Pocket PC: Error Message "The Database \Storage Card \Mobile Golf
Scorer \MoGoSco ... cant be ..."
On some Pocket PCs it is not possible for a PC application to access Databases that are stored on a Storage Card rather than the Main Memory.
To remedy this, go to Settings - Memory and select the Storage for your Databases to be the Main Memory. The Databases themselves are not really consuming most of the Memory, the Yardage Book Images usually take up more space. You can easily keep these on a Storage Card.
Furthermore, keeping the Databases in Main Memory has the advantages of a faster and more reliable program execution.
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How can I see distances to other Points than to the Start of the Green

In order to get distance information to other Points of Interest such as a Hazard (Water or Sand), the Tee, a perfect Lay-Up Spot and so on, you need to measure a GPS Calibration Point for each of these Points of Interest by using the Icon in the Yardage Book Image Window.
Then, when playing, you can press the Red Circle Iron and open a Window which will show you all the distances from where you stand to the Points of Interest you made GPS Calibration Points for before.
How can I exclude Approach Shots or Shots without a full Swing from the Length Statistics
Sometimes you might want to exclude certain shots from the Length Statistics because you did not hit a full swing, for example when Chipping, when just doing a half swing or when you simply hit the Ball very badly.
There are three possibilities to achieve that:
  • In Settings - Others you can uncheck the Option "Short Game Shots in Length Stats", this will exclude all Shots you marked to be approaches by selecting one of the , , or Icons from the Length Statistics.
  • When actually accessing the Lengths Statistics, you can use the / Icons at the Bottom to exclude all Shorts from the Length Statistics where you marked the Landing Zone to be very long or short by using the topmost or lowest Row in the Landing Matrix.
  • To manually exclude a Shot from the Lengths Statistics, you can uncheck the Check Box left of the length in the Playing Screen.
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I don't know on which Port at what Speed my GPS is connected

Starting from Version 1.34, Mobile Golf Scorer™ has the possibility to search all possible Ports at all possible speeds for a GPS Device. To Initiate the search, enter the GPS Window and select under Ports the last value "Settings ....".
A window will come up, there press the Button Search GPS Port. Mobile Golf Scorer™ will now open all Ports at all Speeds, you can see the Progress in the Progress Bar and the Info Message below.
Once a GPS is found, the search aborts and you can see the Port and Speed in the Info Message.
I can't connect to the GPS of my HTC Artemis - MDA compact III - HTC P3300 - XDA Orbit
Here the problem is, that HTC did not implement correctly the new intermediate GPS offered by Windows Mobile 5. In the meantime, we created a Patch that resolves the problem. The latest Version, which you can download from here, already incorporates this Patch.
Pocket PC: Can not connect to Shared GPS under Windows Mobile 5
The new shared GPS unfortunately is not correctly implemented by some Pocket PC manufacturers. You can see that under Settings on the Pocket PC the GPS Icon is missing.
To make this Icon visible, you need to modify the Pocket PC Registry. To do that, you need a Registry Editor. We recommend the Freeware "Mobile Registry Editor" which you can download here.
You have to do the following changes:
- Go to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ControlPanel\GPS Settings
- Delete the DWORD marked "hide"
- Add a DWORD called "Group" and give it the value of "2" (dec)
- if existing, delete the Entry "Redirect"
After a Soft-Reset on the Pocket PC you will see the GPS Icon under Settings. Tap on it and make the following settings:
- Programs: irrelevant what you select there
- Hardware: the COM Port your GPS runs at (in your case, COM6 or COM7)
- Access: activate "Manage GPS automatically", this is very important
Then, in the GPS Settings in the Mobile Golf Scorer™ you can select the Port "Shared", this has the great advantage, that more than one Software can share the same GPS simultaneously and you don't have to worry about closing one to run the other.
I have Problems with GPS on my HTC P3300 Artemis (aka as MDA compact III or XDA Orbit)
The P3300 device is not fully compatible with Windows Mobile, there is a particular function missing which signals the Software that there is GPS Data available. There is a workaround for this problem.
Please use the free JAL Port Splitter application which you can download here and install it to your PDA.
Before starting Mobile Golf Scorer™, please start Port Splitter and set your input GPS port (write manually COM4 into the box) and an output virtual port (for example COM5).
Then start Mobile Golf Scorer™ and set your GPS port same as Port Splitter's virtual port (for example, COM5).
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Google Earth

The Wizard does not with Google Earth 6

The new Google Earth 6 has some new things which cause the remote operation of Google Earth through Mobile Golf Scorer to not function correctly.
This issue was fixed in a Patch versioned, which you can download here.
The Wizard does not work under Windows 7
The new Windows 7 has some new security restrictions which cause the remote operation of Google Earth through Mobile Golf Scorer to not function correctly.
This issue was fixed in a Patch versioned, which you can download here.
Beta Version and Error .. at least Version 4.0.2737 installed
The new Beta-Version 4.2.0180.1334 of Google Earth unfortunately has a problem in reporting the correct Version number which leads to this incorrect error message. This issue is resolved starting with Version 1.38, which you can download from here.
Error Message The Folder for the Course could not be created
This Problem is caused by a changed Code Page and only happens if you have Special Characters in the Course Name. This issue is resolved starting with Version 1.38, which you can download from here.
When getting Hole Images, I only get a Black Bitmap
This issue is resolved starting with Version 1.38, which you can download from here. Under Settings - Images there is a new Option "Safe Mode for Google Earth" which you have to activate. Additionally, please run Google Earth in OpenGL rather than DirectX Mode - you can change that in Google Earth under Tools - Options - 3D View.
After getting Hole Images, my Positions are all shifted to wrong places
The reason for this is most probably that you have activated something in Google Earth under Layers. There are some layers around which shift the Satellite images slightly. After disabling everything under Layers in Google Earth and redoing the Hole Image Import , the GPS Positions will show up at the right Places.
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What does the Quality of GPS Data number mean

The quality number is an indication how well a GPS Position was mapped on the Yardage Book Image. The number is computed as follows, taking the example of a GPS Position called Tee: The GPS Coordinates of Tee are mapped on the image using all GPS Calibration points but the Tee. Then, the resulting Point is compared to the Point that you selected manually on the Image and the distance of these two Points in Pixel is what you see in the List. Depending on the Pixel Size of the Image, everything below 10 is a very good value - if your Image has a high resolution, also 20 is still fine.
The Quality of GPS Data number is very high, especially at the Tees
First of all, you probably have not done anything wrong, this is a very common thing to happen. Many Yardage Book Images are not drawn in Scale, meaning, the Distance between Tee and Fairway is much smaller in relation to the region from Fairway to the Green.
One one hand you can be relaxed, the high number does not have any negative impacts on Distances shown when measuring. The only place where you might encounter problems is, when you want to map your Strokes on the Image. e.g. in Rounds review or the PDF Round Report. The locations in the part where the Image is not in scale will look odd.
To remedy this, there are 2 possible solutions:
One is to make at least 3 Calibration points around the Tees, then, the fact of the Image not being in scale is more or less corrected by the Mobile Golf Scorer™ itself.
The other one is to recreate the Yardage Book Images using Satellite Images such as the ones from Google Earth, crop and rotate them and use these - these will be perfectly in scale.
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Which is the best way to manage a Tournament

First you must create a Round for each Flight in your Tournament. Go to the Rounds Database and select New. All Rounds must be on the same Day and same Course and can have up to 4 Players per Flight. If you have more than 4 Players in the Tournament, you must create multiple Rounds accordingly.
If you need scorecards for the Round, you can create these as PDF files. Click with the right mouse Button on the Round(s) and select export. Make sure you select PDF Scorecard as File Format. Once created, you can print these Scorecards - either one per Player or Flight - and hand them over to the Players. To be valid, there is space for signatures on the Cards, too.
After the Rounds have been played, you can easily enter the Scores without entering Putts or Stroke Details. Just double click on the Round, click on Player and switch to the Card Tab. There you can click on one Player after the other and enter the Scores, this should not take more than a minute per Player.
Alternatively, if each Flight has a Pocket PC with it, you can transfer the Rounds to the Pocket PCs by infrared and, after the Round, import them back by Infrared.
After all Scores of all Flights have been entered, you can evaluate the Tournament. In the File Menu select Tournaments and then at the bottom select One-Day Tournament or, if your Tournament was played on more than one day, More Days Tournament. For each Tournament Round, select the Date of Play, the Players that have played on that Day are shown automatically and you can - in case a Player did not start - delete a Player from the Tournament.
Using the Tab Leader Boars you can look at the Tournament Results, choosing from one of the possible Valuations. You can also export the Leader Board as a PDF or HTML file using the Disk Icon at the lower right. The HTML or PDF contains, on top of the Result in the selected Valuation, also the Results in the other Valuations as well as the Players Handicaps and Courses Tees, Slopes and CRs.
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