Download Mobile Golf Scorer™
Here you can download the latest Version of Mobile Golf Scorer™.
In case you did not purchase a license, the application will run for 14 days as a Trial-License. This Trial-license offers the Functionality of the Eagle Version but is limited to 2 Courses, 4 Players and 8 Rounds.
Mobile Golf Scorer™ English, Version 1.40 (Pocket PC and PC) 7,22 MB Download
Mobile Golf Scorer™ German, Version 1.40 (Pocket PC and PC) 7,27 MB Download
Mobile Golf Scorer™ English, Version 1.40 (only Pocket PC) 5,56 MB Download
Mobile Golf Scorer™ German, Version 1.40 (only Pocket PC) 5,54 MB Download
Mobile Golf Scorer™ English, Version 1.40 (only PC) 4,16 MB Download
Mobile Golf Scorer™ German, Version 1.40 (only PC) 4,17 MB Download
Mobile Golf Scorer™ Manual English (PDF) 776 kB Download
Mobile Golf Scorer™ Manual German (PDF)

823 kB

The Mobile Golf Scorer™ Setup requires Windows Installer to be installed on your PC. Windows Installer is a part of most newer Windows Installations. In case you should get a warning about Windows Installer missing, you can download Windows installer free of charge from Microsoft following this link.
Register and you might pay less:
If you decide to register yourself here, we might be sending you a Coupon to purchase the Mobile Golf Scorer™ at a discounted price. We are giving away the Coupons on a random base - your chances are higher than scoring a Hole-In-One but lower than loosing a Ball on your next Round of Golf. Good Luck!

Operation Instructions:
We have developed a Tutorial to help you get used to the Mobile Golf Scorer™. This Tutorial, which comes with streaming Videos showing you Click by Click what to do is a great Help in finding your Way around!
Installation Instructions:
Please select your language and click on Download.
A window will come up asking you if you want to Save or Open the file. When selecting open the Setup will start immediately, if you select Save, please save the file on your PC and start the Setup with a double click on the downloaded file. After the Setup starts, please follow the instructions. 
After the Setup of the PC Version is done, the Setup for the Pocket PC starts (in case you only downloaded the Pocket PC Version, this Setup starts immediately). In case your PDA is connected to your PC with Microsoft Active Sync 3.5 or later, the Mobile Golf Scorer™ will be installed immediately on your Pocket PC. If your Pocket PC is not connected, the installation will take place next time you connect your Pocket PC with your PC.
In case you should have problems with the installation, please Email us.
Additional Information when installing an Upgrade:
On the Pocket PC you will see a warning that the previous Version must be uninstalled, you have to confirm this Warning with OK. Then there is a second Question, if you also want to delete Data such as the Databases or Hole Images, you have to tap on No for this question. After that, the Installation runs through and at the end you have installed the new Version without loosing any of the Data or Settings you previously made.