Stroke Details

If you are interested in extended Statistics, you can record the Stroke Details for each Stroke:

You can select which Club you used, where the ball came to land (Fairway, Green, Rough, Bunker, Water, Out of Bounds, ...) and graphically you can decide how the Position the Ball landed relates to the Position you aimed at (Right, Left, Long, Short, Perfect, ..). Penalty strokes are statistically handled, too.

When putting, you can enter the Length of each Put using 4 Categories (Tap-In, Short, Middle, Long) to analyze your putting in depth.

The number of Strokes and Putts as well as the Fairway Hits and Greens in Regulation are computed automatically from the Stroke Details you enter, eliminating the need to enter the same information twice.

And, there is a dedicated Statistic for analyzing all the Stroke Details entered - you will be astonished how much you can improve your Game using this functionality.

The Club used, the Result of the Shot and the Landing of the Ball can be selected graphically, too.

The Club can be selected using large Buttons, the Result by tapping on the related Part of a Graphic showing all possible Results of a Shot and the Position by tapping on the related Square of the Zones Matrix.

To analyze the Short Game better, you can select a Shot to be a Pitch, Chip, Bunker Shot or Approach with the Putter (Texas Wedge). For all these Approaches there is a dedicated Statistic on the Short Game.

Using these, entering all Stroke Details is very user friendly taking only a couple of Seconds for each Shot.

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