Entering Scores

During Play you can enter quickly and easily record the Scores and Results, so that you can concentrate on your Game.

You can select the hole you are playing at the moment and change holes. For each Hole and Player the Mobile Golf Scorer™ shows you the Par, Handicap and Length of the Hole depending on the Tee the Player plays from. With a click on the I the Yardage Book of the hole you play on opens.

You can enter the number of Strokes (as well as an X when playing Stableford), the number of Putts and if you hit the Fairway. If you hit the Green in Regulation is computed automatically. To ease the input, you can use the small Digit Buttons, the huge Digits button to use your fingers or a Tee or even the Hardware Buttons of your Pocket PC.

At any time you can take a look at various Standings, the Scorecard or the Round's Statistic.

If that sounds too complex to you and if you are only interested in GPS Distances, Stroke Lengths and your Score, the Simple Mode is the perfect fit for you:

In a clearly structured Window you only see the most important things in huge Letters: the Distance to the Points on the Hole that are relevant to your Game, the lengths of your Strokes, your Score and the number of Putts you made.

Using big graphical Buttons, which can be easily tapped with the fingers, you can switch Positions, record the lengths of your Strokes and enter your Score - enough Data to allow you to use the Statistics described further on.

Furthermore, you can look at the Yardage Book Image, see all Distances in one Screen or get advice which Club you should use for the next Shot.

The Simple Mode is the perfect way to have a tender approach to the entire Functionality of the Mobile Golf Scorer™ whilst still enjoying the benefits of GPS. At a later stage, when you feel ready for it, you can always open the Box and benefit from the huge Possibilities the Mobile Golf Scorer™ offers: you can always toggle between Simple and Normal Mode.

Image seems blurred because it was resized

If you have a Pocket PC with true VGA Resolution of 640 by 480 Pixel, you can use the integrated Yardage Book.

You can use all functionality of the Yardage Book including measuring and showing Distances, Notes or recording your Stroke Lengths visually and simultaneously enter your Score and Stroke Details without switching between Screens.

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