Easy as 1-2-3: the different Modes of the Mobile Golf Scorer™

Just as different as different Swings can be are the requirements of the Golfers towards the Mobile Golf Scorer™.
In order to offer everyone exactly what he wants, one can use the Mobile Golf Scorer™ in three different Modes.
Many Users just start with the Play-Course Mode to gain experience. Later on, being a more experienced User, they enjoy the full blown set of Features of the Professional Mode.

An easy Start: the Play-Course Mode

The Play Course Mode of the Mobile Golf Scorer™ is meant such those, who want GPS Distances but don't want to record Scores or are not interested in any Statistics. At the same time, the Mode is useful for Beginners, who want to get used to the new Technology.

Using huge Letters and finger-friendly Buttons you can see the most important Information: the Distance from where you stand to the Positions stored for the Hole.

The Positions are ordered automatically in direction of Play, so that the only thing to be done is to switch Holes.

Additionally, you can add new GPS Positions while you play the Course and look at the Yardage Book Image.

This is the perfect jumpstart with the Mobile Golf Scorer™: immediate and simple on already the first Round!

Simple and Powerful: the Simple Mode

This is the Place to be for those, who want GPS Distances and Stroke Lengths and just their own Score.

In a clearly structured Window you only see the most important things in huge Letters: the Distance to the Points on the Hole that are relevant to your Game, the lengths of your Strokes, your Score and the number of Putts you made.

Using big graphical Buttons, which can be easily tapped with the fingers, you can switch Positions, record the lengths of your Strokes and enter your Score - enough Data to allow you to use most of the Statistics described further on.

Furthermore, you can look at the Yardage Book Image, see all Distances in one Screen or get advice which Club you should use for the next Shot.

The Simple Mode is the perfect way to have a tender approach to the entire Functionality of the Mobile Golf Scorer™ whilst still enjoying the benefits of GPS. At a later stage, when you feel ready for it, you can always open the Box and benefit from the huge Possibilities the Mobile Golf Scorer™ offers!

No Questions left open: the Professional Mode

Here you can enter not only your own Score, but the Score of the entire Flight. For the Gamblers, there are tons of Games and Side-Bets with different Wagers.

Those interested in in-depth stats can record the Club used, where the ball came to land and graphically you can decide how the Position the Ball landed relates to the Position you aimed at. Penalty strokes are statistically handled, too. For the analysis of these Stroke Details there are extensive Stats available which are described later on.

For the Short Game, you can enter the Length of each Put and the type of each Approach Shot. There is a dedicated Statistic for the Short Game, which has proven to be a real Stroke Saver.

Those who really want to understand each detail about their Game and do not want to leave any statistical question open, they find their heaven right here!

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