Rounds Database

The Mobile Golf Scorer™ manages multiple Rounds in a dedicated Database. A wizard takes you through all the steps necessary to start a new Round.

When starting a new Round, just select the Course you will play from the Courses Database, the Date, the number of Players and on which Tee you start the Round.

After that, you can select the Players playing the Round. You can either choose the Players from the Players Database or enter a new Player Name - for example, if you play a tournament and you don't want to add the Player to the database.
Then, for each Player, select the Tee he or she will play from. The Mobile Golf Scorer™ remembers the Player's preferred Tee and calculates the playing handicap from the Course's Slope and CR and the Player's handicap. You can manually adjust the playing handicap, in case you gamble with someone who has too much of handicap.
Additionally, you can play various Games on the Round: classic Matchplays for 2, 3 or 4 Players, 'Best Ball', Aggregate or 'High Ball' games, Combinations such as 'Low Ball Low Total', Point Games such as Twelves or Nines or fun Games such as Bingo-Bango-Bongo. A complete explanation of all Games can be found in the Documentation.
For all Games, you can set a separate Game-Handicap for each Player, for example if a Matchplay is played only with 3/4 handicaps. You can also play the Games without Handicaps or with Handicap Differences (the Player with the lowest Handicap gets Handicap 0, all other Players the Difference of their Handicap to the lowest Handicap).
If you are playing a game on the Round, you can also gamble for Money. You can choose between different Bets (Holes, Strokes, Points, Nassau, Skins, ...) and enter the Wager you want to play for.
While playing, you can always see the standings of your Bets.
Besides gambling on the Main Game, you can also play various Side-Bets such as Greenie or Sandie on the Round. For each of these Side-Bets you can enter a different Wager. A complete explanation of all Side-Bets can be found in the Documentation.
While playing, you can always see the standings of your Side-Bets as well as an in-depth analysis who won or lost how much on which Hole winning or loosing which Bet.
Last but not least you can play the Round immediately and start to record your Strokes and Scores.
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