Round Statistics

While playing the Round, you can always access the statistical data of the Round for each Player. You can select the Player in the combo at the bottom of the Screen.

In the overview the Mobile Golf Scorer™ shows you the Percentage of Birdies, Pars, Bogeys, Double bogeys, Triple bogeys or worse you played. For having a better overview, you can see the data both numerically and in a colored Chart.

In the same way you can see how many No-, One-, Two- or Three and More Putts you had on the Round. The Fairway Hits, Greens in Regulation, Scrambling and Bounce Back are shown numerically and graphically, too.

You can also show on which Holes you had a certain Result.

All these Statistics are available in the same way as well for Stableford-Points.

When selecting Average you can see how many Par 3, 4 and 5 and Holes you played, how your average Score on these holes has been Gross and in Stableford Points and how many Putts you had (for all Holes or only the ones you Hit the Green in Regulation). Also you see how many of your Birdie-Chances you converted and the Percentage of Fairway Hits and Greens in Regulations. The totals of Strokes, Points and Putts are shown as well.
In case you entered the Stroke Details, you can also see the Percentage and Totals of your Sand Saves and Penalty Shots.
The Graphics, which show how you did on the different Pars compared to the average on all Holes, help you to see quickly on which Par's you score better and on which worse - a very good help to see where your problems are.
Under Score you can see the Scorecard of your Round in Gross Strokes, Net Stableford Points and Gross Stableford Points. Additionally, you can visualize the Hcp Strokes, Putts per Hole, Fairwayhits, Greens in Regulation or the Progress of the Round in Strokes or Points.

For easier understanding, the Results of each hole are colored depending if you did well or bad on a hole.

On top of the Results per Hole, you can also see the Totals for the Front Nine, Back nine and the entire Round.

In case you entered the Stroke Details, you can also access the Stroke Statistic:

For each Club or Group of Clubs (e.g. Long Irons, Short Irons, ...) you can see absolutely and relatively how often your Shot landed where and how may Strokes you made with these Club(s). The landing is shown as well in a colored Bar and Pie Chart.
Additionally you can graphically see how often your Ball landed left or right, short or long of the position you aimed at. The more you landed your ball within one of these 'Zones', the darker the Zone is drawn. So it is very easy to see if you have tendencies to Push or Pull, Hook or Slice with a certain Club or if you tend to leave your Putts short or long.

Using the Review you can review your Round Hole by Hole and Shot by Shot.

In case you entered the Stroke Details, you will see the Club used, the Result and Position of each Shot.

For Putts and Approaches you will see the length of the Putt and the Type of Approach played.

In case you entered the the Lengths of your Putts, you are rewarded by great Statistics on your Putting:

You see the Percentage of Putts holed in depending on the Length of your Putts, the Percentage of the Length of the First Put you had to make on a Hole to judge the Quality of your Approaches and, last but not least, the average number of Putts per Hole grouped by Par of the Hole and Length of the first Put.

As Putts are almost half of the Shots you do on a Round, this Stats will help you to lower your Scores dramatically as you will understand your weaknesses on the Green.

If you selected Shots to be Approaches, you can access great Statistics about your Short Game:

You can analyze, depending on the Club used and the type of Approach played, the number of Shots you needed to hole the Ball, how long the first Putt following the Approach was, if the Approach landed on the Green and where the Approach landed relatively to the Point aimed at. This is explained in greater Detail in the Stroke Statistics.

Together with the Analysis of your Putting the Mobile Golf Scorer™ will show you the weaknesses on your Short Game that make up the Strokes that you are missing to play the Handicap you ever wanted.

In case you used a GPS device to record your Stroke Lengths, you can analyze these as well:

You can see for up to 3 Clubs at once how many times used, how long the shortest or longest Shot was and how long you hit the ball in average with this Club. Graphically, you can see a Bar in which each Shot is represented by a vertical Line - looking at the clouds that built up you can see how many times you had unusual results with a certain Club.

Additionally, you can you can access Graphics to analyze coherences between Stroke Lengths and Results, these Line-Charts are explained in detail under Stroke Length Statistics.

If you included Side Bets in your Round, you can see how your Betting Result is made up:

For each Hole you can see which Side Bets have been played, if you won or lost the Bet and against whom.

For each Bet you see how much you won or lost.

So, there is no messing around after the Round any more, everyone clearly sees why he owes or gets money.

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