Send a Round by Mail

After having played the Round, you can mail the Results (Gross Strokes, Net Stableford Points and Gross Stableford Points) to the ones you played with or other recipients such as your Club. You can import recipients directly from your Pocket PC´s Contacts.

On top of sending the results as plain text, you can send the Results as a CSV file to import into e.g. Excel, as a HTML file to be published on your homepage, as a native Mobile Golf Scorer™ .pgsr file or as a XML-File, the industry standard for Databases.

An example how a Round looks like in a HTML file can bee seen here.

As a special highlight, you can send a complete Round Report as a PDF File, which you can even print and give to your Mates.

In the PDF File you will see a Round Report which contains, besides of the Score Card, complete Round Statistics and an Analysis of the Drives and Stoke Lengths.

In case you have recoded the Landings of the Ball either visually or by GPS, you can see Stroke by Stroke where you and the other Players played along on each Hole - a graphical report known only from the Tour brought to your Pocket PC. The lengths of the individual Strokes can be shown, too.

An example how a Round Report in PDF looks like can bee seen here.

Besides the Round Report, you can also export a PDF Scorecard to use for manual Scoring.

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