Player Statistics

Using the Player Statistic one can access extensive Statistics about a Player's game based on all Rounds stored in the Mobile Golf Scorer™ for this Player. By getting this overview one can thoroughly analyze ones game, see the weak and strong points and in the long term one will play better golf with lower scores.

You can easily export all these Statistics in a PDF Player Report that you can put on your Homepage, Print or share with others like your Pro.

In the Rounds-Tab you see all Rounds store in the Mobile Golf Scorer™ for a Player and you can select which of these Rounds should be included in the Statistics.

In the overview the Mobile Golf Scorer™ shows you the Percentage of Birdies, Pars, Bogeys, Double bogeys, Triple bogeys or worse you played. For having a better overview, you can see the data both numerically and in a colored Chart.

In the same way you can see how many No-, One-, Two- or Three and More Putts you had on the Round. The Fairway Hits, Greens in Regulation, Scrambling and Bounce Back are shown numerically and graphically, too.

All these Statistics are available in the same way as well for Stableford-Points.

The number of holes this Statistic is based on is shown, too.

You can analyze the Overview further: you can see when, where, on which Course or Hole and in which Month you had a certain Result how many times - absolutely and in percent.

This will easily answer interesting questions such as in which Month my Putting was best, on which Course I make most Birdies or on which Hole I get most penalty strokes.

When selecting Average you can see how many Par 3, 4 and 5 and Holes you played, how your average Score on these holes has been Gross and in Stableford Points and how many Putts you had (for all Holes or only the ones you Hit the Green in Regulation). Also you see how many of your Birdie-Chances you converted and the Percentage of Fairway Hits and Greens in Regulations.

In case you entered the Stroke Details, you can also see the Percentage and Totals of your Sand Saves and Penalty Shots.

The Graphics, which show how you did on the different Pars compared to the average on all Holes, help you to see quickly on which Par's you score better and on which worse - a very good help to see where your problems are.

For those of you that have an USGA or SAGA Handicap its interesting to know, that the is Mobile Golf Scorer™ capable of maintaining your Handicap, even considering Equitable Stroke Control.

There is a special Tab in the Statistics that shows the last Rounds played, the Handicap Differentials of each Round and if the Differential was used when calculating the Handicap. Just double-click on the Round and you will be presented with the Scorecard of the Round to see what went on on that day.

If you have many old used Rounds, better go to the next Page to analyze your Strengths and Weaknesses to avoid your handicap getting worse!

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