GPS Stroke Lengths

When using the Mobile Golf Scorer™ in conjunction with a GPS device, you have lots of additional functions and features analyzing and radically improving your Game:

First, the Mobile Golf Scorer™ shows you real-time while walking how far you are from the Green or any other position like Bunker, Water or Ditch you stored GPS Coordinates for - and that is legal even in Tournaments

Additionally, you can see how for you are away from the last position you recorded GPS Coordinates at as well as the Length of each Stroke. These Lengths are computed from the GPS Coordinates you store. Strokes that you did not hit full or had been Approaches can be excluded from the statistical analyses.

And, there is a dedicated statistic available to analyze all the Stroke Lengths.

You can export all GPS Coordinates to Google Earth, allowing a breathtaking review of your Rounds from Space with your Shots being projected on the Satellite Images.

The recording of the GPS Coordinates is very straightforward:

In a dedicated screen you can see the present GPS Coordinates, the Quality of the GPS signal, the type of GPS Positioning (GPS 2D/3D, Differential, ...) and the number of Satellites that are in view.

Also, you can see how far you moved within the last 5, 10 and 30 seconds in order to judge the quality and stability of the GPS Signal.

You can record GPS Coordinates for the Tee, the position of the Ball after each Shot and for the Green.

In order to higher the quality of the GPS Coordinates, you can use either the present Coordinates or the center of all Positions you have been within the last 5. 10 or 30 seconds.

And, it can get even simpler by using One-Touch GPS:

By pressing the central Hardware Button for 2 Seconds, the present position will be measured automatically as next GPS Position while keeping the Stylus in the Pocket PC. When waiting on the next Tee, there will be plenty of time to enter the Scores and Stroke Details.

While using One-Touch GPS you will get spoken feedback about the measurements from the Speaker of your Pocket PC.

Additionally, by pressing the side Hardware Button One-Touch GPS will tell you through the Speaker how far it is from where you stand to the Green. Thanks to that also the others in your flight will be able to enjoy Satellite precision when judging distances.

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