Google Earth Integration - Hole Images from Google Earth

© of these Screenshots by Google Earth
After importing the Coordinates of the Hole, you can get automatically also the matching Hole-Images from Google Earth.

Simply press the Button, sit back and relax: the Mobile Golf Scorer will move, rotate and zoom to the right Position and import automatically the Hole Image.

After importing, there is a special function to cut out the parts of the Satellite-Image which are not relevant for the Hole.

The related video in our Tutorial shows you in great detail how this works.

This way, you have always good looking and up-to-date Hole Images, even if your Course has no Yardage Book, the Yardage Book is outdated or you can not get hold of the digital Version of the Hole Images.

In one word, thanks to the Integration of Mobile Golf Scorer and Google Earth it will take you less than 30 Minutes to fully GPS calibrate a Course and get the Hole Images - all of that from your PC at home without visiting the Course.

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