Google Earth Integration - Calibrate Holes with Google Earth

© of these Screenshots by Google Earth
Important Notice: to use this Feature with Windows 7, you must install the Mobile Golf Scorer Patch which you can download from here.
In case you want to calibrate a Course, usually you must be on Site: no longer thanks to the breathtaking Possibility using the Mobile Golf Scorer and Google Earth to calibrate a Course comfortably at Home.

Calibrating a Course means to store the GPS Coordinates of each of the Points which are relevant for your Game: the Tees, Bunkers, Water Hazards, Out of Bounds and of Course the Green.

Using a small Calibration Wizard you simply select the Hole and the name of the Point you want to calibrate without any annoying typing involved. A new Placemark will be created for you which you simply move at the right spot on top of the Satellite-Image. Do you want to see how that works in Detail? Just watch the related video in our Tutorial!

At the end, you save the Placemarks created and load them into the Mobile Golf Scorer - you are done with your Calibration.

Especially if you play a Course for the first time and you don't want to miss the comfort of seeing Distances, this way of calibrating a Course is a Tool which is hard to beat.

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