GPS Connection

The Mobile Golf Scorer™ con be used in conjunction with and GPS Device which is capable of outputting GPS Data in the NMEA Format. When playing, this is an indispensable help.

In the Settings you can define the Port and Speed of your GPS Device. After connecting, you can see the Latitude and Longitude, the Quality of the GPS Data and how many satellites are in view.

A small functionality to measure distances From/To is integrated, too. Using that, you can test the accuracy of your GPS Device.

You are interested in how that works in Detail? No problem, just go to the related part of our Tutorial!

During play you can see the Distance to the Green in real-time and measure the lengths of your Strokes. These Stroke lengths can be analyzed statistically as well.

The Quality of the Measurement is visualized in a small Graphic: in the Middle there is the actual GPS Positions, the GPS Positions measured before are visualized according to their Oscillation.

Thanks to that it becomes very easy to see if the Signal is stable.

Only with the Data of the Course and your GPS Device there is already a lot you can get:

The Play Course Mode of the Mobile Golf Scorer™ is meant for those, who don't want to record Scores or are not interested in any Statistics. At the same time, the Mode is useful for Beginners, who want to get used to the new Technology.

Using huge Letters and finger-friendly Buttons you can see the most important Information: the Distance from where you stand to the Positions stored for the Hole.

The Positions are ordered automatically in direction of Play, so that the only thing to be done is to switch Holes.

Additionally, you can add new GPS Positions while you play the Course or look at the Yardage Book Image.

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