Yardage Book

You can add an image from the Yardage Book for each Hole. The images can be rotated and mirrored freely, to be optimized for viewing with the PDA.

To view the images better, you can Zoom in and out and scroll them.

In case you calibrate the Image by defining a known distance (e.g. the Distance from the 150 mark to the Hole) and the Position of the Green on the image, the Mobile Golf Scorer™ tells you the distance to the Green when clicking on any Point of the Image - a real Stroke Saver!

Additionally, you can add Notes on top of the image at any position: Write down which Club you used to be on the Green, and the Mobile Golf Scorer™ will be your electronic Caddie that remembers everything even after years. You will know which Club to use and save many many Strokes.

In the simpler Modes Play Course and Simple Mode the Yardage Book Screen in simplified, too.

With one Tap on the Image you set a Cross which becomes the Target for the Distance measured. At the lower right the Distance from your Standpoint to the selected Target is shown in huge numbers. This way, you can calculate distances for Lay-Ups, too.

A little man on the Images shows the current Standpoint for Orientation.

In case you cant take your Pocket PC along, you don't need to miss out your valuable experiences: you can export the entire Yardage Book into a PDF file and print it.

Besides the Images you get Distance Marks, all your Notes and all Points that you calibrated with GPS with their names and distance to the Start of the Green.

You can preview a page of a PDF Yardage Book here.

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