Analysis of Strengths and Weaknesses
On top of numerical Statistics, the Mobile Golf Scorer™ gives you an in-depth Analysis of the Strengths and Weaknesses of your Game and quantifies them.

In this Analysis, each aspect of your Game is analyzed separately: the Tee-Shots, the Shots to the Green and the Putts - in Total and for each Par.

Thanks to these computations, you can easily read in which part of your Game you win or loose Shots - you know exactly on which Shots to work on and where you can rely on.

You can also see your greatest Strengths and Weaknesses and you can learn, how many Shots you gain or loose due to these.

It has never been so easy to understand where the Potential in your Game is hidden and how many Strokes you can play better.

The Mobile Golf Scorer™  features this type of Analysis for each Round, too. This Analysis compares today's Round with all Rounds stored in the System for a Player.

So you can easily understand why you have played so much better or so badly on a certain day compared to your Averages and how many Strokes you lost on which Pars due to what aspect of your Game.

Finally, when discussing the Round in the Clubhouse, you can base your Stories on some strong Analysis, make your Friends understand that they did not Drive so wonderfully as they say and judge your own Game in a very realistic way.

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